Biology Major

The B.A. Biology-Teaching major requires a minimum of 131 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements, the Professional Education Requirements and the following specified major requirements to complete the minimum of 131 hours. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics.

The Biology Teaching major provides a broad education in biology. Along with professional education courses and student teaching, this curriculum is a sound preparation for teaching life science, biology and other secondary science courses. This is an extended program requiring at least nine semesters; therefore, students should contact their advisors early in their program. This program is an excellent preparation for graduate work in biology or science education.


  Introductory track: BIOL 2051BIOL 2052BIOL 3100** ; BIOL 3140** 15 hours
  Evolutionary Biology: BIOL 4142 3 hours
  Plant group: select one option from following list - BIOL 3120BIOL 4122 ;BIOL 4166BIOL 4172
4 hours
  Animal group: select one option from following list - BIOL 3106 ;BIOL 4114 and BIOL 4115*** ; BIOL 4146BIOL 3160 (840:160)BIOL 4164 4 hours
  Cellular group: select one option from following list - BIOL 4128 ;BIOL 3151BIOL 3152 4 hours

Cognate courses

  Chemistry: CHEM 1110CHEM 1120**** ; CHEM 1040 12 hours
  Earth Science: EARTHSCI 1320 4 hours
  Physics: PHYSICS 1511 4 hours


  Science and Science Education: SCI ED 3300SCI ED 3200 5 hours
  Biology: BIOL 4193BIOL 3197 4 hours
  Electives in biology: (100-level or above, excluding BIOL 3101) 4 hours
  Total 63 hours

*At least 7-8 hours of biology credit must be 100g-level.

** BIOL 3100 and BIOL 3140 are not required as prerequisites for 100-level courses.

***Students who take BIOL 3101 and BIOL 3102 may substitute four hours of this credit for BIOL 4114 and BIOL 4115; if so, neither BIOL 3101 nor BIOL 3102 can count as biology elective credit.

****Students with excellent preparation in chemistry may substitute 860:070 plus 3 additional credit hours of biology or chemistry electives for CHEM 1110 and CHEM 1120.

#Not more than four (4) semester hours of credit from 870:179BIOL 3185BIOL 3190 and BIOL 4198 will be accepted for biology elective credit.