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Teaching - Pedagogy

AAAS. (2001). Atlas of Scientific Literacy. Washington, DC.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Project 2061. (1993). Benchmarks for Science Literacy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Bell; Gess-Newsome; Luft. (2008). Technology in the Secondary Science Classroom. NSTA Press.

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Activity Books

Bosak, Susan V. (2000). Science Is... Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Ingram, Mrill. (1993). Bottle Biology: An Idea Book for Exploring the World Through Soda Bottles and Other Recyclable Materials. Kendall-Hunt Publishing Co.

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Shakhashiri, Bassam Z. (1985). Chemical Demonstrations. V. 1-4. University of Wisconsin Press.

Van Cleave. New York , NY: J. John Wiley & Sons.
(1993) A+ Projects in Chemistry.
(1990) Biology for Every Kid.
(1989) Chemistry for Every Kid.
(1991) Earth Science For Every Kid.
(1996) Ecology for Every Kid.

Williams, P. (1995). Exploring With Wisconsin Fast Plants. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.

Wisconsin Fast Plants Manual. (1989). Burlington, NC: Carolina Biological Supply Company.

High School Textbook Categories



BSCS Biology: A Human Approach. (2006). Text + Student Guide. 3rd edition. Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

BSCS Biology: An Ecological Approach. (2006). Text + Student Guide. 10th edition. Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

Bioinformatics and the Human Genome Project. (2003). BSCS. 


Biology. (2009). Teacher's Wraparound Edition. Glencoe.

Biology: The Dynamics of Life. (2002). Teacher's Wraparound Edition. Glencoe.

Biology: Living Systems. (2003). Teacher's Wraparound Edition. Glencoe.

Biology: An Everyday Experience. (2003). Teacher's Wraparound Edition. Glencoe.

It's About Time

Active Biology. (2004). Student Edition. It's About Time.

BioComm. (2008). Text + Student Edition. It's About Time.


Biology. (2010). Teacher's Edition. Pearson.

Exploring Biology. (2006). Teacher's Edition. Pearson.


Insights in Biology: Journey of Discovery. (2007). Teacher's Edition. 2nd edition. Education Development Center, Inc.

Biology. (2008). Teacher's Edition. McDougal Littell.

Biology. (2008). Teacher's Edition. Prentice Hall.

BIOMES: Biology Instructional Strategies for Motivating Every Student. (2003). Price Laboratory School. University of Northern Iowa.

Modern: Biology. (2009). Teacher's Edition. Holt.


Kendall / Hunt

ChemDiscovery: A Quest for Knowledge. (2002). Text + Lab Manual. Kendall/Hunt.

Chemistry. (2009). Kendall/Hunt.

SPICE: Structured Pacing In Chemistry Education. (2000). Text + Teacher's Guide. 2nd Edition. Kendall/Hunt.


Chemistry: Concepts and Applications. (2009). Teacher's Edition. Glencoe.

Chemistry: Matter and Change. (2008). Teacher's Edition. Glencoe. 


Chemistry in the Community. (2006). 5th Edition. W.H. Freeman and Company.

Introductory Chemistry. (2002). 2nd Edition. Pearson.

Chemistry. (2002). Guided ready + Study Workbook + Assessment Resource. Addison-Wesley.

CRISTAL: Chemistry Resources and Instructional Strategies for Teaching All Learners. (1998). Price Lab School . University of Northern Iowa .

Modern: Chemistry. (2009). Teacher's Edition. Holt.

Chemistry in the Community. (2002). Text + Skill Building Handbook + Activities Workbook. 2nd Edition. American Chemical Society.

World of Chemistry. (2007). Teacher's Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Chemistry: The Central Science. (2003). 9th Edition. Prentice-Hall.

Active Chemistry. (2007). Text + Teacher's Guide. It's About Time.

Earth Science

It's About Time

Investigating Earth Systems. (2008). It's About Time.

Investigating Earth Systems:*. (2002). Modules + Teacher's Guide each. It's About Time.

*Energy Resources
*Materials and Minerals
*Our Dynamic Planet
*Rocks and Land Forms
*Investigating Climate and Weather

Earth Comm. (2005). 5th Edition. It's About Time.

Earth Comm:*. Teacher's Guide. It's About Time.

*Earth's Dynamic Geosphere (2001)
*Earth's Fluid Spheres (2002)
*Earth System Evolution (2003)

Investigating Earth Systems: Earth in Space: Astronomy. (2006). Modules and Teacher's Guide each. It's About Time. 


Earth Science with Computers. (2003). Vernier.

Earth Science with Calculators. (2002). Vernier. 


GEOMES: Geoscience Education Opportunities for Motivating Every Student. (2003). Price Laboratory School. University of Northern Iowa.

Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier. (2008). McGraw-Hill.

Investigating Earth Systems / Select 1. (2006). American Geological Institute.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science. (2008). Teacher's Edition. Holt.

Environmental Science. (2003). Teacher's Edition. Scott-Foresman - Addison Wesley.

Investigating In Environmental Science: Units 1-3: (Land Use / Energy Generation / Water Management). Text + Teacher's Edition. (2005). It's About Time.

Global Science. (2009). Text + Teacher's Edition. Kendall/Hunt.


Forensic Science For High School. (2009). 2nd Edition. Kendall/Hunt.

Using Forensics: Wildlife Crime Scene. (2008). Kendall/Hunt.

Forensic Science. (2009). Prentice Hall.


CPO Science

Physics: A First Course. (2005). CPO Science.

Investigations: Foundations of Physics. (2004). CPO Science.

Foundations of Physics. (2004). CPO Science. 

It's About Time

Active Physics. (2010). 3rd Edition. It's About Time.

Active Physics:*. (2000). Text + Teacher's Guide for each Module. It's About Time.


Active Physics: Core select. (2005). Text + Teacher's Editions (Vol. 1-3). It's About Time.

Physics and Everyday Thinking. (2008). It's About Time. 


Physics. (2000). Teacher's Edition. Holt.

Conceptual Physics. (2009). Teacher's Edition. Pearson.

Physics. (2009). Text + Teaching Ancillaries. Glencoe.

Physics That Works. (2006). Kendall/Hunt.

Prisms Plus:*. (2005). Modules + Teacher's Guide each. Centre Pointe Learning, Inc.

*Force and Motion
*Work and Energy
*Waves and Optics
*Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics

Other Science Text Books

Astrobiology. (2005). Text + Teacher's Guide + Sampler. It's About Time.

PBIS (Project-Based Inquiry Science): Living Together. (2008). It's About Time.

BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach Level 1. (2006). Text + Teacher's Edition. BSCS.

BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach Level 2. (2008). Teacher's Edition. BSCS.

OBIS (Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies)

The program consists of 97 activities, produced by the Lawrence Hall of Science, grouped into the following 27 modules.

Adaptations Forest  Nighttime
Animal Behavior For Eight- to Eleven-Year-Olds Outdoor Study Techniques
Aquatic Animal Behavior For Large Groups Pavement & Parks
Backyard For Small Groups and Families Ponds & Lakes
Bio-Crafts Games & Simulations Schoolyard
Breakwaters & Bays Human Impact Seashore
Campsite Lawns & Fields Streams & Rivers
Child's Play Lawn/Pond Guides Trail
Desert Neighborhood Woods Wintertime

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