Yager Exemplary Science and Mathematics Teaching Award

Alumni of science education are recognized each year through awards of various kinds. If you know someone who has received such an award OR if you are reading this and you have received an award, please email lawrence.escalada@uni.edu and let us know about your accomplishment!

Yager Awards

2010 Recipients:

Jonnie Becker
Melissa Hesner
Matt Robie

2011 Recipients:

Aaron Spurr
Ben Olson
Shelly Bromwich
Holly Hinkhouse

2012 Recipients:

Matthew Harding
Slade Hovick

2013 Recipients:

Jodi Osthus
Allysen Lovstuen

2014 Recipients:

Dr. Clayton Morgan Edwards
Lisa Jo Chizek

2015 Recipients:

Chelsie Meyer
Brooke Fischels

2016 Recipients:

Ryan Penning
Joshua Hanna

2017 Recipients:

Curtis Martinek
Myron Peterson

2018 Recipients:

Chelsea Haaland
Dawn Posekany